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During the Planning phase of the project KUMI will assist the owner in establishing a budget based on current market conditions.


KUMI will coordinate with the design team from conceptual, design development and construction document phases by way of preparing various levels of cost estimates that fall within the established budget.


In controlling project cost, KUMI will ensure all alternatives have been explored before a project overrun is accepted.

our services

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  • Construction Mgmt01
  • A/E Support Services02
  • Claims Services04
  • CPM Scheduling05
  • Cost Estimating06
  • Value Engineering07

Construction Mgmt

KUMI provides administrative, management and related services throughout the entire project. We assist in establishing, maintaining, and helping to enforce adherence to project costs, time and quality controls. Our services are tailored to provide specific construction related services for each of the major project phases. These include:

1. Pre-Construction (Bid) Phase Services
2. Construction Phase Services
3. Post-Construction Phase Services

• Bid Preparation
• Contract Administration
• Contract Negotiation
• Cost Management
• Inspection Services
• Manpower Evaluation
• Project Controls
• Quality Assurance
• Quality Control
• CPM Schedule Review and Analysis

A/E Support Services

Our team understands that when providing constructability review services, it is important to build the project by way of going through the construction process methodically. Various systems that interface with the project are fully reviewed and analyzed to make sure they are in line with the design intent.

Our Constructability Review exercise will normally start during the design phase of a project so that the review comments may be incorporated in the design documents prior to bidding the project.

KUMI has the capacity to assist the A/E team with reviewing bid documents for a wide variety of construction projects. On a typical project, we will review various bid documents that include, but are not limited to the following; bidding requirements, bid security, performance bonds, award or rejection of bids, post-bid information, proposals, substitutions and interpretations.

• Constructability Review
• Bid Documentation Review


KUMI provides three (3) primary construction inspection services:

1. Owner’s Representative Services: We work for owners to ensure that the construction process follows the plans and specifications.

2. Contractor/Architect Support: We provide on-site services during the project to ensure that the construction follows the plans and specifications.

3. Pre-Construction Services: We review plans and specifications and advise clients prior to the commencement of construction.

We assist clients by reviewing a project and implementing a recovery process that monitors and identifies the need for possible intervention. KUMI’s inspection expertise includes architectural, engineering and field construction expertise. Our blend of professional experience provides a unique ability to execute design, engineering and/or construction inspections effectively.

Claims Services

KUMI provides construction claims management, dispute resolution, and litigation support services. We assist our clients in the construction industry with preparation, analysis, and resolution of construction claims. KUMI provides professional services to owners, contractors, engineering firms, architects, government agencies, and legal counsel.

CPM Scheduling

Industry studies have confirmed that whether a project is in the conceptual planning stage, bidding stage, or during construction, an improvement in project performance is achievable with the implementation of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling. Whether our clients are fulfilling contractual requirements or simply executing management practices, KUMI provides essential CPM scheduling and progress management service tools. Our services include schedule development and preparation, schedule updating and progress reporting, and CPM schedule analysis on complex projects.

KUMI’s experienced professionals provide comprehensive program management and project management services, and also provide targeted services when specialized support is needed.

• Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule:
- Development and Building Initial CPM Schedules
- Monthly Progress Updates
- Review, Analysis and Reports
• Claims and Change Order Analysis
• Time Extension Review, Analysis and Reports
• As-If CPM Schedules for Planning and Decision-Making
• Final As-Built Schedule

Cost Estimating

KUMI has the ability to estimate from both digital and printed media. Having the ability to use digital quantity take-off software, as well as the ability to complete estimates the old fashioned way, we utilize the best of the old and new to provide our clients with detailed estimates in the most timely and economical fashion possible. KUMI is here to be an extension of existing staff and be used as another tool to manage the projects’ risks.

• Cost Benefit Analysis
• Cost Effect of Project Variations
• Cost Estimating
• Cost Modeling
• Cost Scheduling
• Independent Market Analysis
• Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Monitor Expenditures
• Performance Measurements
• Project Cost at Various Stages of Construction
• Total Project Cost
• Valuation Studies

Value Engineering

KUMI conducts Value Engineering (VE) studies on construction projects to develop creative alternatives for possible project improvements. The VE study is conducted by specialists, trained in the VE methodology and understand the entire design and construction process, to determine if budget dollars are spent efficiently, and to ensure that the functional requirements of the project are attained at the lowest life cycle cost.

The VE study is facilitated by a certified value specialist (CVS). The team follows the Society of American Value Engineer’s (SAVE) Five-Step VE Job Plan which is an organized approach that help experts analyze a design and understand the purpose and function of a facility.

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